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Wayyyy late…as usual :/

4 years late to discovering the Geocities-sizer! Here is a screenshot of my website. How cool! I’m so amused, only because I used to love customizing my MySpace profile & adding a tiled background to my website – it was my favorite thing to do. What a nerd. I’m sure I have those backgrounds saved...Read More

Dear Universe,

I don’t want to do print anymore. I’ve discovered in the last 6 months that I enjoy working on web stuff more than I do print. So I only want to do internet work from here on out – specifically web design work involving HTML / CSS, WordPress then Javascript & PHP eventually. I am...Read More

Radial Light

i made this today...the blue light appears to be pulsing. i also want to animate this. damn it, i really need to get my creative groove back :/

Quick drawing

i don’t want to get sucked back into facebook after cutting it off for a week so…yeah. drawing from today. also, i tend to draw people facing left; i really want to change that. Well?love it (3) hate it (0) good (0) whatever (0) yawn (0)

Live in the now

i’m really trying but, i’ve been [sporadically] bored. i always find something to complain about, i hate that about myself. well at least i still have a job… Well?love it (1) hate it (0) good (0) whatever (0) yawn (0)