Don’t discount what I do

Some people think i just fuck around in Photoshop all day, that it’s all fun. while that may be the case (I mean, why pick a career that you hate), I’d like to see you do the other things I have to do besides “fuck around”; work fast, lay out, mask out, retouch, multi-task, pay attention, take notes, be accurate, be detail-oriented, meet deadlines, follow up, follow through, be professional in emails, be constantly open to criticism, be patient, pay attention to all the cooks in the kitchen who would like their ideas incorporated into YOUR design, generate ideas, execute them and most of all…don’t flinch when they say “I don’t like this, can we see something different??”


  • polymer

    mad props. I feel this. constantly. some things come in waves… like the dudes that bring in a pencil design on paper at 5pm (close at 6 – open at 10) and they are calling by 11 to say they didn’t get the email sample. because files just magically build themselves.

    this image feels ’70’s or really early 80’s I like it.

  • polymer

    oh… the waves of things coming in sometimes… lately here it’s a surge of people thinking shit just happens… never mind scheduling it in or even when I said to expect a sample.

  • admin

    haha, i still think you should have a secret blog of ridiculous, true story shit people ask of you. they must literally think “express” means right away!

    one hour signs & services! ;)

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