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Dear personal website,

Sorry for neglecting you. But I’ve spent years customizing you, filling you up with original content and now I barely pay attention to you or log on to see my stats. You see, you were a major part of my ego. And that ego was self-serving, never satisfied & always wanting more. I had built...Read More

New WordPress theme!

Warning! Nerd rant. This post is probably only important to me because it’s my website. I had to retire my other theme (Shaken Grid) because it started acting janky. I spent the entire weekend trying to make it work (notice the Spray Paint section is having to be redone because that’s where the problems started)...Read More

Very sporadic postings

Remember when blogging was more of a personal thing? Now that major brands big & small have caught on, it doesn’t seem as personal. Now people blog to promote something – so they can stay relevant, rank on Google & promote their business or product – rather than blogging just to express anything personal or...Read More

I’m back on Instagram…sorta.

In typical fashion, I deleted my first account because I’m slowly morphing into an antisocial creature most of the time and can’t handle too many people electronically & in real life. But I am back and will attempt to stay and post regular drawings & paintings. I hope this will get my art game back up. Also,...Read More

Dear Universe,

I don’t want to do print anymore. I’ve discovered in the last 6 months that I enjoy working on web stuff more than I do print. So I only want to do internet work from here on out – specifically web design work involving HTML / CSS, WordPress then Javascript & PHP eventually. I am...Read More

Done with school…for now.

It’s been a while since I’ve written in here. I just completed 10 weeks of Front End Web Development class; I really learned a lot and I’m happy that I can use this for work-related stuff – which I’m already doing. There were times when I wanted to drop it, I didn’t want to drive...Read More

I haven’t been drawing or sketching…

and I’m kinda mad at myself for not doing so. I keep putting it off, like it’s this huge undertaking that I have to do…but I know it doesn’t have to be. I hope to start making it a regular habit again, and not be so harsh on myself if I’m not creating anything cool...Read More

Suffering for the actions of others

If one person takes advantage of a situation and eventually gets caught… usually his or her peers are the ones who have to pay for it. Be mindful of your actions and be considerate towards your fellow man / woman. Well?love it (1) hate it (0) good (0) whatever (0) yawn (0)

You caught me in a different time, with a different mind…

Some people probably wonder why I don’t paint graffiti as much as I used to. The answer to that is: I don’t know. Perhaps all the magical & alluring things that attracted me to it in the first place have gone. Maybe I just got old and lazy. Maybe certain life events made me lose...Read More

Attitude adjustment

I wish I had more interesting things to say on here; but most of the time I am just a broken record, perpetually bitching about something work-related. Hooray. Most of the things that irritate me have to do with other people. So what’s the solution here…not work with people? That in itself just sounds impossible...Read More


Whenever something I love becomes popular or trendy, I lose interest; I tend to go the opposite way and look for something else to get into. Same goes with subject matter in my artwork; if other people start to paint the same things, then it’s time for me to change it up. I might be...Read More

A quote from Saul Bass

I want everything we do to be beautiful. I don’t give a damn whether the client understands that that’s worth anything, or that the client thinks it’s worth anything, or whether it is worth anything. It’s worth it to me. It’s the way I want to live my life. I want to make beautiful things,...Read More

The Hermit IX

I keep trying to figure out where it is I actually fit in…and I’ve come to realize that I really don’t (or won’t ever) fit in anywhere. And so be it. The Hermit card has been coming up a lot for me. When you look at the card, it doesn’t seem like anything is going...Read More

Just Be Good To Me – The S.O.S Band

Even when you feel miserable, there’s always something to be grateful for…so count your blessings ESPECIALLY when you’re feeling down. Remember that it could always be worse. Well?love it (0) hate it (0) good (1) whatever (0) yawn (0)

Death XIII

  I’m still learning about the tarot; what I’ve discovered in the last few months is that every time I pull cards (around 3 to 5), certain cards will appear to me over and over every few days or so until the person or event it’s alluding to comes in to your life and then...Read More

some not-so-random thoughts

  I can’t sleep so here I am talking to myself… – work’s been whatever. too many pointless meetings and I hate it. I want out but not even sure what I want to do next; I think as long as I’m designing, learning, growing and being challenged; have awesome, drama-free co-workers and not have...Read More


So much for trying to blog regularly on here…work’s been keeping me stupid busy. I’ve been plotting my exit strategy, but it might take some time. And I must mentally get out of my comfort zone; even though you don’t like what’s happening you start to get used to the way things are, becoming more...Read More

2005 post

There was a time when I was obsessing over graffiti when I was coming up; I was digging thru old files recently and found this: Wow, I sound really dumb…and yet there is some truth in it. Life is weird like that. Well?love it (2) hate it (0) good (0) whatever (0) yawn (0)


the brief guide less TV, more reading less shopping, more outdoors less clutter, more space less rush, more slowness less consuming, more creating less junk, more real food less busywork, more impact less driving, more walking less noise, more solitude less focus on the future, more on the present less work, more play less worry,...Read More
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