I’m back on Instagram…sorta.

In typical fashion, I deleted my first account because I’m slowly morphing into an antisocial creature most of the time and can’t handle too many people electronically & in real life. But I am back and will attempt to stay and post regular drawings & paintings. I hope this will get my art game back up. Also, I need to stay off the computer more often after work because my eyes have gotten blurry and I was experiencing double vision for a minute. It made me feel like an old person & I’m not quite there yet. So…

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Title: Illuminated

Medium: Pen and watercolor
Size: 12″x 12″
Email: pia@shermgrafik.com if you are interested in purchasing this painting (unframed).

This painting came out of nowhere for me; meaning I didn’t plan on creating such a composition, it just turned out that way. Perhaps it’s because I’ve been learning to trust my intuition more (even though a lot of the times it just sounds like I’m talking to myself silently A LOT); and that is what this painting sort of reflects.


Remember your death…

I wish my mind would quiet itself; I have yet to master the art of meditation. I’ve learned though, that creating & staring at something like this actually puts my mind in a similar state. We are everything and nothing at the same time, a paradox.


Spiritual weirdness

I think I may be turning into some kind of kook; my mind has been curious about new age, self-help type shit lately, scientology/dianetics, hermeticism (which makes me chuckle everytime I see it because it sounds too much like “hermaphrodite”), metaphysics, the occult, etc.

I’m not looking to believe in anything in particular, (I take what resonates with me and go from there) but it sure makes for interesting reading material, mind expansion and inspiration.

p.s. I just watched “The Master”.



Quick drawing

i don’t want to get sucked back into facebook after cutting it off for a week so…yeah. drawing from today. also, i tend to draw people facing left; i really want to change that.


Lady from the Orient

i haven’t had much to say so i’m just here, hanging out behind the computer screen. things that didn’t concern me before seem to be more important lately, like my health. bummer. so for 2012, i gotta try harder to get healthy. actually, i’ve been hanging out on instagram these days via iphone. seriously, what an amazing phone. again, thank you steve jobs for creating products that change how we interact with the world.

oh and happy 2012 to all of you. get ready for the apocalypse.