Palm Reader 2010

Old drawing of my right hand, scanned and modified in Photoshop. I like this one a lot, it still vibes with me. Maybe it’s the pink color, the stars, the framing device or just a combination of them all.

You Are the Universe – Work in Progress GIF


I think I like the initial drawing more than the final, but then again I’m experimenting and just going with it. More to come (hopefully).

You Are the Universe – 2016

I haven’t been drawing much, but I’m always creating (as we all are in one form or another) you just might not notice me as much. I prefer being a ghost anyway.

Although I’ve been paying attention to myself more, I haven’t really given this blog much thought. I hope to start posting stuff again, but I can’t promise it will be consistent either.

So here is my first drawing of 2016.


Drawing on black construction paper. 2012

Your Time Is Up – Print

This was a drawing turned into a 16″x20″ 2 color screenprint created in 2008. The bunny dies a physical death and returns to its source. The guys who did this for me did a great job, the florescent pink pops.

Sad Girl Sherm

I tend to use whatever’s around, I hang on to used up Sharpie markers for shading – those are my favorite and they add texture to the drawing. Gothic chola.