Hello, my name is Pia. Graphic Web Designer / Marketer by day, artist here and there. A few people know me as “Sherm” from my days as a graffiti artist. This is my art/personal blog website, used to be called SHERMGRAFIK. I created the site in 2004 to show my art & graffiti work as well as to learn/practice/grow my web design skills, then in 2010 I switched to SAVE THE SAVAGES. It’s 2015 and I’ve decided to start from scratch yet again; the last version of the site was getting more & more jacked up. That’s what happens when you pick a WP theme that doesn’t get updated. Sucks because I really, REALLY liked that theme and I paid money for it. Oh well, can’t get too attached right? I’ll be putting back select artwork & photos when I get around to it.

Contact: shermgrafik [at] gmail [dot] com

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